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Pharaohs Legacy Totem Blue Hookah

Pharaohs Legacy Totem Blue Hookah

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The Pharaohs Totem is part of their new "Legacy" series and boy is it going to leave quite the legacy! 25.5 inches of solid and precise construction make this a luxury hookah that doesn't exactly break the bank. The best part is that the Totem is packed with high-end and innovative features and comes in a load of different color options. Are you ready to dig in?

Aesthetically, the Totem is obviously pleasing to the eyes but let's explore what sets this apart from your average hookah. The first thing you'll notice when you unbox this hookah is just how well it is packaged including nice foam and cut-outs for each part. Right off the bat you know Pharaohs took the proper care to make sure this thing arrives in mint shape for you. The included bowl is a hybrid mix of their famous Flo-Bowl which is glass as well as a silicone bowl. It's a funnel style that will work great with just about any heat management device on the market today.  All parts and components are made out of aerospace grade aluminum with hard-anodizing for the colored finishes. In other words, it's not going to rust or fade. The down stem features a detachable diffuser and the base is a screw on with a direct silicone hose attachment. This means they're cutting down on all of the tedious hassle that other hookahs might have like tinkering with grommets on the base and the hose to get a perfect seal.

Height: 25.5"
Shaft: Aerospace grade aluminum
Base: Large, wide-bottomed
Bowl: Pharaohs Flo-Bowl/Silicone Hybrid
Hose: Washable silicone