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Golden Desert Vertex Silver Hookah

Golden Desert Vertex Silver Hookah

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At first glance, this is a modern hookah with a really interesting base shape but look at a little closer and you'll notice that the base is actually carved into skulls and dang does it look sweet! The Vertex stands 13 inches tall and like any great compact option, comes with it's own high quality carrying bag.

This is one high quality compact hookah. The tray and stem are forged out of a stainless steel and aluminum hybrid and finished in a beautiful matte finish. Conveniently, the shaft for the Vertex screws into the base so there's one less rubber grommet that you'll need to tinker with. There is a built-in diffuser on the stem for a great inhale through the matching medical-grade, washable silicone hose. We're topped off with a classic, unglazed clay bowl.

Height: 13 inches
Shaft: Stainless steel interior, matte finish
Unglazed clay
Hose: Washable silicone
Base: Heavy glass, carved into skulls.