Hoob Go Black Hookah
Hoob Go Black Hookah
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Hoob Go Black Hookah

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Hoob Go

Hookah made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium.
Hoob Go is the perfect choice if you just start being interested in hookah art & culture

  • Adjustable air flow
  • Magnetic hose port
  • Comfortable and easy to use and service
  • No plastic used

Hoob Go is developed as universal durable hookah for those who just start being interested in hookah art & culture.

This hookah has a laconic and elaborate design for work under the harshest conditions.

Optionally adjustable airflow, fixed charcoal tray, stainless steel and anodized aluminium body, magnetic hose connector - all these characteristics made Hoob Go one of the best all purpose hookahs.

Hoob Go will show you how technologies and experience can bring hookah experience to a new level of pleasure and comfort.

No harmful coverings or any materials that can cause you damage. We care about your health and environment, that is why we use only clean materials and no paint.

Each hookah passes quality control before it goes to the customer, so we can offer you the finest quality hookahs on the market.

  • When cleaning the hookah, DO NOT use detergents. Do not wash in a dishwasher. It is acceptable to use baking soda or dishwashing detergent without corrosive acids
  • Do not leave water in the hookah vase after use
  • To avoid cracking the tobacco bowl, wait until the bowl has cooled to room temperature before washing under water
  • After washing, it is necessary to wipe the hookah dry to avoid oxidation of the metal parts of the hookah
  • After washing, do not attach the hookah stem to the base, as this will slow down the natural drying of the parts. When open, the base and the stem dry faster even in hard-to-reach places
Purpose Daily, Top sales
Size Mini (40-50cm)
Hookah height 54 cm
Materials used Stainless steel, Anodized aluminum
Stem-to-base connection type Grommet plug
Stem inner diameter ⌀ 13 mm
Hose port connection type Magnetic
Purge valve Standard
Diffuser Threaded, removable
Transforms in height No
Using two hoses at the same time No


Comes with:

  • Hoob Go On Black Stem
  • Fixed charcoal tray
  • STIK 40 Gold hose handle of 100% stainless steel
  • Black matte silicone hose
  • Hose spring | Gold
  • Diffuser Go
  • Base