Hookahjohn 80 Feet Espana Ocean Mint Hookah Bowl

Hookahjohn 80 Feet Espana Ocean Mint Hookah Bowl

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The 80 feet design is by far one of the most popular smaller sized bowl on our size. We've seen it change in size almost every 2 years or so and guess what? It's time for a new change!

On one of the earlier 80 feet designs, the interior was deeper and allowed for longer sessions. Over time people asked for a shallow version, and then a not so shallow version, but the Spanish community wanted the old school design.

This is where this version gets the "Espana" name from and we're happy to have the latest design on our shelves for you. You're looking at a limited edition batch, so be sure to grab this one if you're a bowl collector or just a fan of great hookah sessions.

These bowls are handcrafted here in the US with quality clay materials, and follow the same color patterns from the previous bowls in this collection.
  • Height = 3
  • Diameter = 2.65-2.75"
  • Holds = 16-19 grams*
  • Wide gauge spire