Hookain Lesh Lip Phunnel Cheddar Hookah Bowl

Hookain Lesh Lip Phunnel Cheddar Hookah Bowl

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Discover the LESH LiP , a first-class premium phunnel from Hookain that combines timeless design and maximum functionality. Experience an optimized smoking experience with this high-quality product.

Why is the LESH LiP so special?

The LESH LiP is the result of 10 months of hard work, countless technical drawings and thousands of samples. The developers have optimized all relevant factors to create the perfect bowl for your smoking experience.

What makes the material of the LESH LiP so unique?

The LESH LiP consists of a special mixture of two different fireclay clays . The percentages of fireclay clays used have been adjusted to ensure perfect heat management. Fireclay bricks are heat resistant and have excellent heat storage properties.

Massive phunnel with high dead weight

The Phunnel is solid and has a high and valuable weight. Due to the different composition of the starting material and the high weight, the "LESH LiP" is fired at even higher temperatures. The head is glazed several times and is made by hand with great attention to detail.

What is the capacity of the LESH LiP and how long can you smoke with it?

The LESH LiP has a capacity of up to 24g and offers you 30-45 minutes more smoking fun than the tried and tested LiT LiP. The performance is buttery smooth and after 1h45min all the tobacco in the depot has burned evenly. It is perfectly possible to smoke with 17-24g, but we recommend 24g.

Note: The heads may vary in shape and color from the photo as they are ceramic. Even bleeding from the head cannot be completely prevented. As a rule of thumb, the hotter the head is fired, the less likely it will bleed. Since ceramic expands and contracts with each heating, stretch marks can appear in the course of use, which are also no reason for complaint.