Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic Red Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic Red Hookah

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Portable, simple, and packed with all the quality of much larger hookahs, the Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic is a 23.5" tall hookah pipe that is a shrunken version of the hookahs you often find in hookah lounged throughout Egypt. Made of stainless-steel, with an elegantly simple candlestick shaped stem, the Mini Classic is an affordable hookah to own.

The Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic does not feature awe inspiring artistic design, and it's not meant to. But there is something attractive about its simple design, a plain elegance in its resemblance to a silver candlestick that would adorn a dinner table. The shaft on the Mini Classic is made of high quality stainless-steel, a favorite of hookah makers everywhere and a metal Khalil Mamoon uses most effectively. Stainless-steel is incredibly durable, completely resistant to both rust and corrosion, and can handle a few drops and bumps with ease. Given that good care is given to this hookah, it should live a long life.

Khalil Mamoon is widely respected for producing great quality hookahs that give smokers an awesome experience. The Mini Classic isn't going to be churning out insanely massive thunder clouds, due to its smaller base, but it will still deliver enjoyable smoke sessions to all who pack a bowl and light some coals. Khalil Mamoon likes to use medium gauge downstems in most of their hookahs, and the medium gauge stainless-steel downstem in the Mini Classic is no different. These downstems provide consistent quality, and a traditional style smoking experience that Khalil Mamoon loves giving to their customers. Some may find that this experience may feature a slight airflow restriction, which can be easily fixed by placing a diffuser on the end of the downstem. This will increase the smoothness of every pull, and will create a whisper quiet smoke session every time.

The stainless-steel downstem on this Mini Classic carries with it the same durable qualities the exterior metal features. Additionally, stainless-steel does not retain powerful shisha flavor profiles that can ruin the taste of smoke sessions. One quick rinse and any ghosting flavors will be gone!

Height: 23.5"
Shaft: Stainless steel, finish options
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: Standard KM
Base: Color will vary

**Each Khalil Mamoon hookah is hand-made and because of the unique attention that each one gets while being crafted, you might find differences in yours and what is pictured on the website. These will be subtle and purely aesthetic things such as coloration and design on the glass base or weld spots on the stem. These things make each hookah one-of-a-kind and will not affect how well the hookah smokes.**