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Khalil Mamoon Shareef Short Black Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Shareef Short Black Hookah

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You're favorite brand new multi-colored KM hookahs are now available in an even more affordable "short' variation with the addition of a green option. These hookahs stand 30" tall and come in bright, bold colors that will sparkle in your home.

The Shareef is a beautiful hookah handmade by KM with high quality stainless steel and then finished in a deep and bold color of your choosing with an electroplating process. The stem features the classic Shareef shape with flared "skirt" on the upper stem. Because these Shareefs have such wonderful finishes on them, we'd recommend NOT using any harsh cleaners on them so as to preserve the longevity of the finish. The included bases and hoses come in matching colors. The wide open hose ports that come from the hub allow for smooth airflow and the large KM hookah hose is easy to hold and long enough to comfortably lounge about or pass the hose among friends.

Height: 30" 
Shaft: Stainless steel with red, blue, black or green finish option. 
Base: Matches chosen stem color. 
Bowl: Egyptian style clay bowl
Hose: Matching KM hose

**Each Khalil Mamoon hookah is hand-made and because of the unique attention that each one gets while being crafted, you might find differences in yours and what is pictured on the website. These will be subtle and purely aesthetic things such as coloration and design on the glass base or weld spots on the stem. These things make each hookah one-of-a-kind and will not affect how well the hookah smokes.**