Mya Saray Econo QT Dark Blue Hookah

Mya Saray Econo QT Dark Blue Hookah

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The Mya Econo QT is the little brother to the best selling hookah of all time, The Mya QT (formerly Mya Crown). The hookah design has a wide, flat base relative to the height, giving the hookah extra stability.  When the world caught wind of how amazing this design performs, Mya Saray found themselves battling Chinese imports with bad imitations taking advantage of the Mya QT's success.

In response, Mya Saray created the Econo QT.  So what is the difference?  In order to offer a hookah with the same level of performance at a lower price point, Mya found ways to lower it's costs.

The Econo QT is 1.5 inches shorter than the original Mya QT.

The Econo QT comes in a black mesh cage, not the silver steel cage of the Mya QT

The Econo QT uses a metal allow with a chrome finish instead of a solid polished steel stem.

Height: 12 inches

Hose: Mya Hookah Hose

Bowl: Mya Ceramic bowl

Base Options: Amber or Black or Dark Blue or Green or Pink or Purple or Sky Blue EconoQT Glass